Recorded: 9/5/2015
Running Time: 7:00
Sleepdrone + Utopia + Drum Machine: The Loc-Nar
Samples {Animal Sounds + Cujo + Edge of Sanity--French Overdub}: Escht

The West Coast outfit of Tuesday Never Comes makes its live debut in North Oakland. 

The evening sets forth with an assemblage of dreamers anticipating the familiar sway of a forgetful idyll. Two musicians take their places with chimeric poise-- their mimetic play volatilizes the narcotic mood. Sensuality is set against a background of animalistic toil, marking direct, unmediated contact with the body. But the indeterminacy of the animal body, hypostasized as a unity, is abstract and does not secure any alleviation of guilt. 

An intransigent rhythm breaks open, consummating mediation and bestowing the renewed possibility of happiness.

This is the one of seven songs from a program, titled "The Lotus-Eaters of the West Coast," that was performed and recorded during a single night.

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